• Braided sleeves for components protection

    Braided sleeves for components protection

  • Assembly systems for cables

    Assembly systems for cables

  • Coated tubes for heat protection

    Coated tubes for heat protection

  • Textile ribbons for reinforcement

    Textile ribbons for reinforcement

  • Braided sleeves for reinforcement

    Braided sleeves for reinforcement

  • Special developments for special applications

    Special developments for special applications

  • Coated tubes for isolation

    Coated tubes for isolation

  • Shrinkable tubes for isolation

    Shrinkable tubes for isolation

  • Your specialist for technical textiles

    DELFINGEN DE developes and manufactures technical textiles with all technologies such as braiding, weaving, crocheting, barmen lace making or knitting. It includes braided sleeves, shrinkable tubes, coated tubesproducts for heat protection and many further product ranges. Additional to standard products we develope customised solutions and take on production.

    Technical textiles made by DELFINGEN DE perform various functions: They are used as mechanical protection, for reinforcement, they electrically isolate or protect against heat radiation.

    With creativity, innovation and quickness we develope textile solutions, which support optimisation of your products. That way, technical textiles are developed, which can be found in different branches.

    38 locations in 20 countries

    Globally present, always on site


    Always on spot globally: DELFINGEN follows this credo consequently. DELFINGEN DE is one of 38 Locations in 20 countries worldwide and therefore we are optimally prepared for your demands.

    Thereby you receive our technical textiles wherever you need it for your further processing. Always in customary high quality, always with dedicated customer service, always on time and reliable.

  • DELFINGEN and Essilor​ ​Vision​ ​foundations​ ​join​ ​hands for a program in Philippines

    On the 16th and 17th of September, more than 80 volunteers from Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and France were present in Cebu, Philippines, for two full days of free eye screenings for our co-workers and their family members.

    Finally, more than 600 people were examined and around 150 people were equipped by pairs of glasses. This first action with ESSILOR Vision Foundation for the program “Improving lives by improving sight” was a real success!

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    DELFINGEN inaugurates the extension of its Marktrodach plant in Germany

    This new building of 1,900 square meters integrates an advanced logistics center and a production area dedicated to the manufacturing of textile sleeves.

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    DELFINGEN opens a new plant in India

    DELFINGEN is pleased to announce the recent opening of its new site in Chennai.
    This new production facility, with over 2,000 square meters, will be specialized in the manufacturing of wiring harness protection solutions and profiles for seat trim fastening dedicated to the automotive market.